I firmly believe as human beings we are unlimited in our capacity to heal and grow.
This belief has guided my journey of healing and transformation.  

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I am a Certified Relationship Coach at the The Relationship School®.

I am also a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yoga Therapist. I have been teaching yoga on and off for over eight years to diverse populations including youth at risk, low-income Spanish speaking women, adults diagnosed with mental illness and kids diagnosed in the Autism spectrum. 

I hold a B.S. in Management Information Systems and a Minor in International Business. I have worked in different roles in software for over twenty years. 

my journey

Three decades of failed relationships, deep relationship pain, and a longing for intimacy and authentic connections are what motivated me to finally seek help in early 2015; that is when I found Jayson Gaddis.
I became his student and a founding member at The Relationship School® where I got Certified as Relationship Coach.

I can see the truth now, I never quite learned how to do relationships well or resolve conflict in a way that builds connection. I did not learn these skills in school growing up or at home from my parents. I was 14 years old when my parents divorced and I created a story in my head that marriage is painful. I experienced my first heartbreak at age 17 and then again at 23 and 29. I felt as if something was wrong with me, frustrated and desperate for answers is that I read several books on relationships and still felt at loss. I am so glad I finally found answers and a lot more. 

I am ready to help people have better relationships, with others and with themselves. 

I also have a passion for healing and finding solutions to living a joyful and balanced life after being diagnosed with a serious mental illness a decade ago. After years of countless types of therapies and studying several healing traditions and spirituality, I have overcome my mental health issues and continue to reach higher levels of my personal human potential.

I feel very grateful to be in a fulfilling romantic relationship with a great man. Our relationship feels like home most times and occasionally shines the light, uncomfortably, at where I need to grow. My partner and I are committed to our relationship and creating a safe container for us to self-express, deepen our connection, and support and challenge each other to grow.

Some of my favorite things in life are, spending time with my love partner, practicing yoga, being in nature, working in my edible garden, cooking and dancing.