Are you looking for help with your relationship?

Have you tried so many things and nothing seems to work?

Are you afraid your last resource is divorce or breaking up?

Relationships can be stressful at the worst of times and fulfilling during the best times. If you find yourself reading here is because your relationship is struggling and you are feeling more like enemies instead of best friends.

Overall divorce rates are high and marriage satisfaction low. We are not taught in school the tools to do relationships well. These are important skills since most of what we do in life involve interacting with other people. Most people choose not to get help and live in dissatisfaction their whole life.   

If you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Your needs are unmet

  • Constant arguments and non-stop fights

  • Disclosed or undisclosed infidelity

  • Differences in values

  • A sense that there’s no good way to communicate with each other

  • You feel you cannot be yourself

Relationship issues can occur from several sources including childhood patterns and hurtful experiences from the past. I combine a variety of skills, training, and modalities to address your specific situation. My clients report feeling more connected to each other after our first session.