Are you experiencing the pain of a breakup?

Are you tired of being alone?

Do you want to stop the cycle attracting unavailable partners?

Do you feel unfulfilled in your relationship?

Relationships can be stressful at the worst of times and fulfilling during the best times. If you find yourself reading here is because your have a longing for relationship or your relationship is struggling and you are feeling more like enemies instead of best friends.

Overall divorce rates are high and marriage satisfaction low. We are not taught in school the tools to do relationships well. These are important skills since most of what we do in life involve interacting with other people. Most people choose not to get help and live in dissatisfaction their whole life.   

If you are experiencing any of the following:

  • A painful and devastating breakup

  • Tired of being alone

  • Feeling inadequate in the dating scene

  • Attracting emotionally unavailable partners

  • Deciding wether to stay or leave your relationship

  • Low self-worth, self-esteem, poor self-confidence

  • Disconnected from a sense of meaning and life purpose

Relationship issues can occur from several sources including childhood patterns and hurtful experiences from the past. I combine a variety of skills, training, and modalities to address your specific situation.  My clients report feeling more empowered and clear after our first session.

Ana’s deep attunement has helped me find a greater connection to my own source of compassion & inner wisdom. Since working with her, I have gained a greater understanding of where I am choosing to put others before myself. Her challenging side has helped call forth a greater desire to show up as myself in relationship to others. Thanks Ana!

Levi, 32, Kansas City

I have done a fair amount of work on my personal growth and I am a firm believer it’s a path not a destination. But there is without a doubt an incommensurable value in having someone walking on the same path with you and guiding you through your hick-ups. For me Ana was exactly that person - with her immense empathy and gentle challenge when needed she will hold your hand yet push you through all the roadblocks you find on your way so you are able one day very soon to walk that path alone because of all the newfound tools and love within you.

Svetlana, 36, Germany

After my divorce, I became avoidant without even realizing it. I used to be amazing at picking "bad boys" and dating toxic men, avoiding conflicts, and running away from love, support, and commitments. After working with Ana, I now have healthy boundaries and treat myself and others with gentle words and open heart most of the time.

Roxane, 37, Paralegal, Huntington Beach, CA


I have been working with Ana for over a year now and through that time I have examined dark corners, blind spots, patterns and behaviors with Ana by my side. She has done a lot of work on herself and she sees the core issue of the pattern, situation or blindspot which saves time and energy because we don't spend hours going around an issue. I have experienced her support and challenge and I’m grateful for both. I’ve seen Ana’s consistency, congruence, commitment to help and integrity throughout all this time. I feel inspired to continue working with her.

Angelina, 32, Scientist, Germany